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651 917 3445
Learn, expand and improve your Spanish at ease in Minneapolis - Saint Paul.

Private Tutoring: One on one classes

One on one classes are available for people who prefer the most flexible program. This option is available for Beginner classes all the way to Conversation. However, if you are a beginner, I strongly recommend you to take a group class.

Making yourself fluent in Spanish...
...with all the flexibility you may want or need.

The cost is 65.00/hour. Two people: $90/hour. Buy 6 or more hours in advance at only $54.00/each ($75.00 for two people).

Materials: Booklets are provided at no cost. Free use of movies and other reading materials from my library.

  • Available Sunday to Thursday.

  • Current availability:
      Sunday, 8:30 am closed
      Sunday, 10:00 am closed
      Sunday, 11:30 am closed
      Sunday, 1:30 pm closed
      Sunday, 3:00 pm closed
      Sunday, 4:30 pm open
      Sunday, 6:00 pm closed
      Monday, 11:00 am closed
      Monday, 12:30 pm closed
      Monday, 2:00 pm closed
      Tuesday, 8:00 am open
      Tuesday, 12:30 pm closed
      Tuesday, 2:00 pm open
      Tuesday, 5:15 pm open
      Wednesday, 8:30 am closed
      Wednesday, 4:00 pm closed
      Wednesday, 7:30 pm open
      Thursday, 7:45 am closed
      Thursday, 12:30 pm closed

    • Call 651 917 3445 for details.

  • Learn Spanish here in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis-Saint Paul): All the Spanish you need, for business, for traveling or just for fun.
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    Spanish Class Minnesota
    Learn Spanish at ease.
    Right here in the Twin Cities:
    1636 Blair Avenue
    Saint Paul, MN 55104
    651 917 3445
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    Spanish Class Minnesota in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis-Saint Paul) since 2003.