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Intermediate E
Expressing opinions, judgments and feelings about the past
One more step to proficiency. If you have already been learning to use your Spanish to give advice or recommendations, and/or to express you emotions and feelings about events... (in Intermediate A, B, C, or their equivalents)... you are ready for this next step.
The Intermediate courses D will further expand your communication skills.

Did you know that Miguel de Cervantes, the most famous Spanish writer, was once a tax collector? Let's talk about that!

In Intermediate E, you will learn to talk about the economy, business, taxes, shopping, and fair trade; about our life at the job and in the marketplace. We will also talk about leisure time —the coffee break— and about our vacations. About our plans and dreams for retirement.
We will read about holidays and celebrations around the Hispanic world.
We will also watch and talk about Lunes al sol, a funny althought somewhat dark comedy, by the Spanish director Fernando León de Aranoa.

You will learn to talk about your hopes for yourself and for others, about your fears and your regrets. You will learn to tell us what people advised you to do in the past and you will learn how to remind people what you advised them to do.

Review / Expansion of the many uses of the Subjunctive Mood in Noun Clauses

All the Spanish you need, for business, for traveling or just for fun.
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