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Advanced Low: some new grammar items.
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Buenos Aires and the passion and humor of the Argentinians.
A virtual trip to Argentina and a walk through Buenos Aires.

Having a brief history of the tango music as a background, in this class we will explore the culture of Buenos Aires, one of the most exciting cities in South America. We will pay special attention to the pasion of its inhabitants (the bonaerenses) and their wry humor as expressed in their movies, music and comic strips.

The itinirary of our trip:
• Two very different, but equally fun movies: Nine Queens (Las nueve reinas) (2000) de Fabián Bielinsky and The Tenth Man (El rey del Once) (2016) de Germán Krall.
• A look at Mafalda, a very famous comic strip of the '60s and '70s followed still today by millions of readers througout Latin America and Spain. Just imagine Peanuts with a dash of politics on top.
• A look at Sopa de lunares, a very fun satirical, feminist strip by Dianne Raznovich.
• A stop at Les Luthiers, a very popular and admired comedy-musical group also from the '60s and still active today.
Our Last Tango (2016), a pasionated documentary by Germán Kral about the creators of Tango Argentino, the Broadway success of the '80s .

All that sprinkled with some Grammar Review, some new grammar issues not covered in the Intermediate courses... and a exploration of the voseo, the Spanish form typical of Argentinians and Uruguayans... and also of the people of Guatemala and Costa Rica.
It will be fun.

All the Spanish you need, for business, for traveling or just for fun.
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