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Learn, expand and improve your Spanish at ease in Minneapolis - Saint Paul.
Spanish classes for adults.

The Program at a Glance

Making yourself fluent in Spanish...
  • Beginner 1. The basics: Describing yourself and your friends. Talking about your daily routines. Order a meal at a Spanish restaurant. Let people know what you want or need.

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  • Beginner 2-3. Telling what happened: what you and your family did last week, last Summer and so on.

  • Beginner 4. Talking about your current and past feelings. Learn to read and tell stories.

  • Intermediate A-D. Widening your vocabulary. Working with new structures to express desires, opinions and feelings; giving instructions, persuading, nagging...

  • Advanced. Further widening your vocabulary through in-class readings and discussions. Advanced conversations on a variety of social and cultural topics.

  • Conversation at La Tertulia. Strengthening your fluency. Free conversation and discussion of a variety of cultural and social issues. Guided conversation and discussion of movies and short literary works. Fine tuning of vocabulary and pesky grammar details.

...with all the flexibility you want or need.
The program is designed so you can navigate your journey towards fluency in a variety of ways according to your schedule, experience or learning style. For example:
  • Take it one step at the time. You can take each of the 4 Beginner (introductory) courses, then move to Intermediate (4 courses), then to Advanced (several courses) and finally to the Tertulia.

  • Go to the Advanced level after only 2 to 3 Intermediate terms. If you are ready for the challenge and like/prefer to study the grammar on your own... by all means, go ahead and jump.

  • Skip Advanced classes. Go to the Tertulia (Conversation) after just 3-4 Intermediate terms. You may miss some more structured progression (provided by the Advanced classes) but the challenge may be fun!

Remember: You will be speaking in Spanish since day one...

What class should I register in?

• How to learn Spanish!

All the Spanish you need, for business, for traveling or just for fun.
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