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Learn, expand and improve your Spanish at ease in Minneapolis - Saint Paul.

Courses this season:

Summer, 2018: June 26th - August 15th.

Spanish 4     Tuesday, 2:00 pm open
Spanish 3     Tuesday, 5:15 pm call

Intermediate B     Wednesday, 7:30 pm call
Intermediate B     Thursday, 9:30 am call
Intermediate A     Thursday, 7:30 pm open

Advanced Low
Historias de amigos     Monday, 5:00 pm call
Viajes y caminos     Tuesday, 7:30 pm call

Eva (Evita) Perón y sus tiempos     Wednesday, 10:00 am call

Historias de puertas y de ventanas     Wednesday, 5:15 pm call
Thrillers, misterios y comedias     Thursday, 2:00 pm call
Historias fantásticas y maravillosas     Thursday, 5:15 pm call


All the Spanish you need, for business, for traveling or just for fun.
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Spanish Class Minnesota
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Spanish Class Minnesota in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis-Saint Paul) since 2003.